Why Alternative Assets?

The simple answer? Because it’s not Wall Street!

The longer answer, even if you keep some of your money on Wall Street, is that a complete diversification strategy would include “spreading your eggs” into other “baskets.” Baskets like real estate, gold, business ownership, and mortgage lending. These are tangible assets that can’t be wiped out on a bad afternoon of trading triggered by corporate fraud or unrest in a European economy. You own something, and you control it.

What Happened to the Consistent 12% Returns They Talked About?

If you feel like your Wall Street accounts haven’t grown in 10 or 15 years, there is a reason for that. The market can show great “average” returns without growing our accounts. We looked back 50 years in the market, and it is a dismal picture. Except for 2 decades of solid growth that was driven by baby boomers pouring their money into bull markets on Wall Street, the other 3 decades were dismal.

They measured the market on the first day of each decade to the last day of the decade. This is what the market delivered in compounded returns:

1960’s             1.65%
1970’s             .37%
1980’s             12.88%
1990’s             15.13%
2000’s             -.53%

We won’t see another period in our lifetime like the bull markets of the 80’s and 90’s where that prolonged buying in the market kept pushing prices higher. In fact, boomers continue to pull their money from the market, not only to live on for retirement, but because they are tired of the casino-like gamble, day in day out, with their accounts. As the trends of selling continue, prices drop, and so do the returns.

Tired of Losing Your Principal?

You might be like many others that have sold their stock and mutual fund accounts and have placed your money in money market accounts or bank CD’s just to avoid the losses. Well, you aren’t alone. The financial industry continues to report that there is more money in these cash-equivalent accounts than is actually invested in the market. Just holding on to the principal you have left seems like the only thing we can do.

Inflation Looms Large

As the US treasury department continues to run the printing presses to keep up with the commitments Washington has made, there is no question inflation is on the way. Inflation dilutes your purchasing power, as there are more dollars in the economy chasing the same amount of stuff. Prices have to rise.

There are assets that have traditionally maintained wealth through times of inflation; those are Gold and Real Estate, the Alternative Assets most commonly requested in the market right now. Put your money to work in assets that safely return higher than inflation. Keep your principal, and get returns that put you back on track for retirement.

Really, Why Alternative Assets?

Because it just makes sense. Because you deserve to control where your money goes. Because you would rather own something tangible like a house or a stack of gold and silver coins than a piece of paper that says you own something. Because monthly cash flow is what you spend to live, and not many stocks pay a dividend any more. The only way to get paid from a non-dividend stock is to sell it. We will show you many different alternative asset “baskets” that put cash in your mailbox every single month.

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