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Who are we?

Asset Exchange Strategies, LLC (AES) has been in existence as a specialized retirement service (self-directed IRAs) and advisory firm since 2000.  In 2003 the IRA LLC became its first product. In 2006 the self-directed 401k became a product.  In 2012 Main Street Alternative Asset Planners was launched as the investment division of AES.

We are a collection of “consumerist” financial professionals. We have spent decades in financial services, from traditional financial consulting, to retirement enhancement, to real estate finance and acquisition. We have seen many products and programs come and go. The experienced eye that we have developed gives us uncommon insight into the pros and cons of the many long term-savings strategies.

We are passionate about getting clients educated about other opportunities for their long-term savings, and giving them the control of their accounts. Remember, no one cares more about your money than you do!

Why that matters to you.

We have found solutions to the retirement dilemma and have happily set our clients back on track to retire. These core alternative assets have been commonly used by the wealthy of previous generations as well as the wealthy of today. Now our vendor partners have made them available to all of us.

The result? For those still in the workforce, We have crafted a strategy to get back on target for an actual retirement date. We have shown them conservative, fixed return assets that create income in amounts high enough to build the nest egg large enough to pay them the interest that will allow retirement.

We have directed retired clients to more secured, fixed return assets that they control. Great, solid returns while still protecting wealth. No more eating into principal to support your quality of life. We have rejoiced with them as they have gotten back hope about the future. Many have new and better plans to leave their principal as a legacy to their posterity or to a favored charity.

Give us an opportunity to show you our way, the alternative asset way. You will be pleased with the results.

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