bulkfoodBulk food that is safely and securely stored for the long term is a tangible asset to have in your inventory. As we all know, we live in a time of uncertainty. Recent drought throughout the Midwest has left us with soaring food prices, the United States has debt up to our ears and many people keep seeing their assets shrink beyond belief.

We are now offering bulk food as an alternative asset for those who want to secure more of their future, have a backup food supply for their families and see their wealth grow even in these turbulent economic times.

Why Bulk Food ?

We were recently taken on a virtual tour of the facility that stores bulk foods for long term storage.  We were amazed at the vast underground capacity of the food storage which is kept at constant temp and humidity. When asked how long the food will last, Their answer was: “30 years is what we tell customers, however the way we prepare and store the food can last for an indefinite period of time”.

Here are some very good reasons to have Bulk Foods as a tangible asset:

  • Economic Turbulence
  • Political Climate
  • Food price increase
  • Food supply constraints
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Food that is edible and can be shipped anywhere
  • Allowable asset for your IRA or 401k

For more information on how to take your own “virtual Tour” and to make a decision about securing a stronger future, please go here: http://bulkfoodinternational.com/food-storage/ and watch the video and download the 2013 Bulk Food Catalog!

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